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Clients use only a fraction of products or features companies provide. In the banking sector this usually varies in 7-11% range for example.

Moreover clients are getting increasingly resistant to the communication. They simply don't listen how they benefit with the company. This leads to a enormous unearned revenue, higher cost of providing services and the loyalty gap with customers.

Challenger changes the widespread marketing approach. It personalizes and gamifies communication, engagement and interactions with individual customers and prospects. All in one platform. Main business issues Challenger helps to solve:

  • Digital cross-sales
  • Loyalty & retention
  • Customer activation
  • Financial education
  • Complex product onboarding
  • Data verification & consents
  • Marketing researches
  • New feature onboarding
  • Features

    Engagement elements that drive the motivation - involve customer into the process as a game.


    Customers follow the progress with personalised challenges and offers. Automatically.

    Every customer has it's personal journey he prefers to go. This makes the company build personalized conversation with an individual. No more one-size-fits-all.

    Social layer

    Clients use their social graph to engage with your offering.

    Challenger by design acts as a social network of the company by uniting people into be brand ambassadors and followers. It also integrates external social networks (like Facebook or LinkedIn) to multiply the power of social engagement.


    Engagement elements that drive the motivation - involve customer into the process as a game.

    Gamification is a powerful tool which motivates people for ages. Challenger platform uses best elements of gamification to turn boring interaction processes into exciting.

    Loyalty 2.0

    Standalone loyalty system with rewarding mechanism and prizes.

    New neuroscience-based Challenger technology raises loyalty programs to the new level. The loyalty is not just about recurring customer spending, it is about reengaging right customers with controllable ROI.

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