Automated client development for banks and telcos

Clients use only a fraction of products or features companies provide. For example in banking sector this usually varies in 7-11% range.

Moreover clients are getting increasingly resistant to communication. So they simply don't listen what else can they benefit with the company. This leads to a enormous unearned revenue, higher cost of providing services and lower stickiness of a customer.

Challenger changes the widespread marketing approach. It personalizes and gamifies communication, engagement and interactions with individual customers and prospects. All in one platform. Main business issues Challenger helps to solve:

Customers follow the progress with personalised challenges and offers. Automatically.
Social layer
Clients use their social graph to engage with your offering.
Engagement elements that drive the motivation - involve customer into the process as a game.
Standalone loyalty system with rewarding mechanism and prizes.
  • 2015
    Winner of BarclayCard innovation challenge
  • 2017
    Winner of OTP digital transformation award
  • +31% mobile users in 15 months
  • -55% CPA reduction vs Google AdWords of eshop client acquisition
  • 2018
    The Most popular solution at National World Summit Awards
  • 10x better CPA vs Facebook on mobile app client acquisition
  • Most active age group is 30-40 years old
  • 32% of participants linked their Facebook profiles
  • 61% of participants updated their contact email